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Dank Fung Welcomes 180 SMOKE And Makes THE FLORIST Available In Canada

Dank Fung Welcomes 180 SMOKE And Makes THE FLORIST Available In Canada

Dank Fung is pleased to announce that The Florist Dry Herb Vaporizeris now available in Canada via e-cigarettesand herbal vaporizer retailer 180 Smoke Vape Store.

The Florist will be available online and in the company’s retail stores, e-commerce website as well as wholesale.

Locations the Florist will be made available in immidiately:

About 180 Smoke Vape Store:

Established in 2012, 180 Smoke Vape Store was founded by a group of medicine, manufacturing, technology, retail and hospitality specialists, with help from a crowd-sourcing campaign. 180 Smoke offers a diverse variety of curated e-juices, vape devices, herbal vaporizers & accessories for all type of Smokers and Vapers. The company serves customers through retail stores, e-commerce, and wholesale partners.

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