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Our innovative new Connoisseur vaporizer features self-regulating temperature technology that accentuates flavor and conserves extract.

  • Pre-set at the ideal temperature for flavor profile and long-lasting enjoyment
  • Top-down air flow engineering allows for ideal vaporization and best flavor while also preventing overflow
  • All ceramic, extra wide and deep bowl 
  • Sleek palm sized shape for comfort and concealment
  • Battery has a 510 thread, and when used with a disposable cart, the Connoisseur battery improves the cartridge’s performance
  • Works with all forms of extract, and performs especially well with rosin.
  • *** Warning! DO NOT Dry Fire the atomizer when using for the 1st time, the ceramic surface requires oil to "season" (fill-in the pores of the ceramic surface) ***

The Dank Vape Tech CONNOISSEUR Kit includes:

- Dank Vape Tech Ceramic Wax Atomizer 

- 900 mAh Connoisseur Pulsing Vape Battery

- Premium dabber tool

- Micro USB Charge Cable

- User Manual

Discover a new level of vaping experience with our lavish range of Connoisseur Vaporizers. Specially designed for those with a refined palate, our Connoisseur Vaporizers are the embodiment of style, class and extraordinary vaping experience. They are not only aesthetically pleasing but meticulously engineered to deliver superior functionality.

With our Connoisseur Vaporizers, enjoy a smooth, flavorful vapor that will leave you wondering why you didn’t make the switch sooner. Rich flavors and large vapor clouds are a given with our selection, making your vaping journey a truly luxurious one.

Each Connoisseur Vaporizer is a testament to our commitment to quality. With an advanced heating system and user-friendly interface, the vape connoisseur in you would be truly satisfied. Choose THE VAPORIZER CONNOISER for an unparalleled vaping experience.