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Vaporizers Designed By Extract Artisans: Explore More About Our Journey and Legacy 

Living The Dank Life A dab lifestyle company

Dank Vape Tech is a group of dedicated extract artists offering an exclusive line of premium, fashion-forward pens and accessories for the discerning vaper. 25 years of experience and experimentation have yielded unique, luxury vape pens that match style to action with lower heating temps and wick-less, ceramic, sub ohm atomizers for unparalleled freshness and vapor cloud production for your extract of choice, as well as longer life between re­fills.

Dank Vape Tech delivers a stylish, high functioning, and ultimate vape experience.

Our Product Lineup includes:


Our signature line of concentrate vape pens have been specially designed to enjoy the one-of-a-kind terpene experience of Dank Vape Tech. The ultimate vaping device for the tastiest dab experience.

Our Express Kit & Deluxe Kit both feature a wickless, ceramic, sub ohm atomizer for unparalleled taste and vapor cloud production. Dank Vape Tech's lower temp vape not only gives a portable terpene rich taste experience, but also has the advantage of lasting longer than other pens before needing a refill.

 The Connoisseur

Our latest pen that is ultra-portable with great taste

●  Sleek & Simple 
●  Discreet & Light 
●  Ceramic plate heating & mouthpiece 
●  Deep bowl 
●  Superior terpene flavor spectrums

The Express

Form meets function for superior flavor and accessibility. 

●  Sleek & Simple 
●  Discreet & Light 
●  Ceramic plate heating & mouthpiece 
●  Deep bowl 
●  Superior terpene flavor spectrums

The Deluxe

Big performance in a portable package.

A cut above for the serious dabber, the Deluxe offers the tastiest dab experience in a long-­lasting, digital pen with a fresh, exclusively Dank Vape Tech design.

● Customized temp controls
● LED screen
● All­ ceramic sub ohm atomizer
● Extra deep bowl
● Unique airflow feature
● Leather grip

The Executive​

Exclusively crafted for the dank professional.

The ultimate vape pen for the dank professional, The Executive is a beautifully designed, luxury vape kit in the style of a high ­end writing pen. 

●  Classy & Elegant 

●  Molded gift case 

●  Branded silicone, custom dabbing tool. 

●  Perfect for travel, discreet & user-­friendly 


The Case

Care for your dab­ ware with Dank Vape Tech’s hard­bodied, black carrying case. Sleek, zipper­ close with mini-caribiner, carbon fiber design, secure and discreet.

The Tool

Part knife, part scoop; it’s the only dab tool you will ever need. 100% pure titanium. 

The Mat

Keep dabbing classy & clean with Dank Vape Tech’s branded platinum­ cured silicone mat. Easy to clean and on-­the-­go size (9”x7”), it’s the perfect spot to put down your tool or work with your extract.

The T-Shirt

A classic relaxed fit t­-shirt with the Dank Vape Tech Logo, available in S, M, L, XL and XXL.  

Ever since our inception, we have strived to make a significant impact in our field. Our team comprises experts who have excellent know-how of their jobs and are committed to ensuring absolute customer satisfaction.

Our journey so far is characterized by hard work, determination, and a strong desire to excel. Our consistent focus on innovation and improvement has enabled us to successfully navigate through the challenges and continue to lead in our field.

Our story is not just about our past achievements; it's about a vision for the future. As we continue moving forward, we are committed to playing an integral part in shaping the future of our industry. The journey has not always been easy, but every hurdle, every challenge, has only made us stronger.

Our values play an integral part in our journey. They guide our actions and lead us forward. Integrity, Respect, Commitment, and Excellence are some of the core values that define us as an organization. Come, join us in our journey. Explore more about us!