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DVT Vape Pens The Executives & Express Rank TOP 5 & 20 by HIGHTIMES

DVT Vape Pens The Executives & Express Rank TOP 5 & 20 by HIGHTIMES

Why HIGH TIMES Magazine Ranks Dank Vape Tech The Executive & Express Among TOP 5 & 20

Dank Vape Tech - Eugene OR.


SEPT 7th, 2016

We at Dank Vape Tech are thrilled to announce that HIGH TIMES Magazine just came out with their newest Vape Pen Review (November 2016 issue, on stands now) and our pens made a huge splash. Our Dank Fung Extracts Executive was ranked in "The Top 5 Vape Pens", and the Dank Vape Tech Express was in the "Top 20 Best Vape Pens" on the market for 2016. 

The Executive was also complimented for "best durability" and "best style/design.” The reviewers gave us high praise “You know you’ve reached baller status when you can whip out the Executive by Dank Fung. Plated in 24-karat gold…fountain-pen like appearance, lithe design and clever pen cap.” 

Our simpler and ever-popular Express vaporizer pen was also reviewed and awarded with "best hit", "best taste", and "best durability” being ranked #17 out of 75 entrants in the review, commended for offering “smooth hits from it’s efficient ceramic atomizer.”

The HIGH TIMES Magazine issue just reached the stands a few days ago and we are already seeing a increase in activity on both our social media accounts and online sales through our website.

At DVT we knew that our pens had unique, desirable features that made them stand out from the competition but now we have the confirmation that fellow connoisseurs are responding the way we hoped they would. Through many months of research and development we created the ideal system for a low-temperature, high terpene vaping experience for people who care about taste and quality. Since we are extract artists ourselves we care deeply about these features in a pen, to maximize the flavor profile and longevity of the product being consumed, creating a low/slow vaping method that makes the concentrate last.

We look forward to bringing the vape community more innovations as we move forward. For more information about our line feel free to contact:

Ben McCabe - (director of vape pen sales) ben@dankfungextracts.com or check out our website: www.dankfungextracts.com