Returns, Exchanges & Warranty

Return Period Policy: Dank Vape Tech offers a 14-day return policy for any unopened, unused product (unless otherwise specified in either the product description or in this document) from date of purchase. Some items could be subject to a 15% restocking fee, levied at the discretion and judgment of Dank Vape Tech.

Atomizer Policy: No warranty for any atomizer. Returns/exchanges will only be considered if the atomizer is DOA (dead on arrival), and expressed to Dank Vape Tech in a timely fashion (generally within 48-72 hours of receipt of product). Please test any/all atomizer(s) upon receipt of product(s).

Refund Policy: Dank Vape Tech will not accept refunds for any product that has already shipped.

Exchange Policy: Parts will not be shipped until the original part is returned to and evaluated by Dank Vape Tech. Shipping for any exchanged product(s) is at the customer's expense. Any product received for exchange that is deemed still functional, found to be not sold by Dank Vape Tech, out of warranty, or damaged through misuse will be sent back to customer without exchange.

Warranty Period: While some of the products purchased from Dank Fung Extracts / dank can be subject to manufacturer warranties, Dank Fung Extracts has sole discretion as to whether or not to honor returns and/or exchanges for said product(s). Only products purchased from dank or our authorized dealers and their online sales channels are valid for consideration. Dank Fung's distributors / dealers are not authorized to sell on mass online channels such as Amazon or eBay, and  warranty requests when purchased from these types of channels cannot be fulfilled per our policy and agreements with our distributors and stores. If a warranty request is deemed valid (falling within the guidelines as detailed in our  company policies) as being purchased from an authorized seller, Dank Fung will endeavour to provide you with a suitable replacement for your defective product. (a suitable replacement is defined as a product of the same style and color).  

* Also, if more convenient; please feel free to contact us at RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) # is required before sending any product back for warranty/exchange consideration.