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Discover the Magic of the Express Ceramic Atomizer

The Dank Vape Tech all Ceramic sub-ohm atomizer heats your concentrate low and slow giving the signature terpene rich vapor that Dank Vape Tech products are known for.

Low temps and a large concentrate well allows customers to pack more into one load, reducing refill frequency and giving a lot more puffs per loading.

The atomizer comes with a silicone protected dab tool as well as **Universal 510 threading**

NOT RECOMMENDED for use with MOD batteries;

Look at the DELUXE Ceramic Atomizer which IS RECOMMENDED for use with MOD batteries.

The Express Ceramic Atomizer is the perfect Extra for those who want to improve their vaping experience. This product uses the latest ceramic technology to provide a seamless and enjoyable vaping experience. It is easy to use, efficient, and completely safe, making it an absolute must-have for novices and experts alike.

The elegant white design of the Express Ceramic Atomizer is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. The brightness of the color helps you to easily identify it among your vaping gear. It's compact, portable, and lightweight - a true innovation in vape technology.

The Express Ceramic Atomizer stands out from other Extras due to its remarkable durability and performance. The superior ceramic composition ensures that the atomizer can withstand high temperatures without sacrificing its functionality or performance. With this product, you can trust that you're in for a vaping experience like no other.