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The Ultimate Florist Spare Parts Kit

The Dank Fung Extract's THE FLORIST Spare Parts Kit provides the extras to keep the great tasting vapes going.   


Dank Fung's THE FLORIST Spare Parts Kit includes:

(1) Mouthpiece
(1) Glass Straw 
(1) USB Micro Cable
(1) Cleaning Brush Tool
(1) Dab Tool
(2) Silicone Rings
(2) Mouthpiece Screens 

Discover the path to creative freedom in floristry with our comprehensive Florist Spare Parts Kit. Crafted with the busy florist in mind, this kit is perfect for both professional florists and beginners learning the craft.

Our Florist Spare Parts Kit focuses on the core needs of a florist. It includes spare parts that are often used in floristry such as scissors, wires, tapes, and florist foams. With a mix of items ranging from the most commonly needed accessories, our kit ensures you're never caught off-guard during a project.

By focusing on the essentials, the Florist Spare Parts Kit allows you to improve and broaden your skills as a florist. Whether you're creating a simple bouquet or a luxurious floral arrangement, this kit is designed to help you complete your projects with ease and efficiency. Discover the joys of floristry with our Florist Spare Parts kit and take your floristry to the next level.