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Clearing Up The Vape: The Dangers of Black Market Vape Products

Clearing Up The Vape: The Dangers of Black Market Vape Products

Compounded Risks of Black Market Vape Products

The vaping industry; including us at Dank Fung, has been on high alert since recent health incidents involving the vaping products.

Although still certainly a developing situation, one thing that is becoming more and more clear is the issue of using black market vaping products cut with Vitamin E acetate. 

John Schroyer at spoke to some of the industry leaders to get a better sense of the developing situation and Morgan Fox, the spokesman for the National Cannabis Industry Association states:

Luckily, most of the coverage I’ve seen so far has been very clear to point out that regulated, state-legal cannabis products are not at fault here. But I think it’s going to create an impetus for regulated producers to really make sure that consumers know that their products are as safe as possible and regulated and tested.

Dank Fung has been all about providing an enhanced, flavorful and a healthier alternative to enjoy terpenes since day one, and we are also concerned about the health of our customers and want to spread awareness and education like many leaders in the industry have been doing. 
As such, we DEFINITELY recommend that our customers purchase cannabis products from legal dispensories and trusted brands in the industry. 

We also (and always) recommend that consumers go beyond the brands and marketing to inquire and educate themselves about the products they want to use with the Dank Fung vaporizers. Ask your retailer and / or contact the brands to find out whether cutting agents such as vitamin E acetate, polyethylene glycol, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin or medium chain triglycerides.

Safe and quality cannabis products / cartridges may come at bit of a higher cost, but it is recommended in order to get the full terpene flavor and maximum effect when using our products. Dank Fung would also like to remind our customers that our products are for 21 Years old or older. 

Dank Fung, a group of dedicated extract artists offering an exclusive line of premium, fashion-forward pens and accessories for the discerning vape, wants our customers to enjoy our products in the tastiest and most importantly; the healthiest way possible!

There is no reason to purchase untested black market carts and ingredient to save a few bucks!

Stay healthy out there~

The vaping industry has seen a substantial rise in popularity over recent years. One disturbing trend, however, has been the rise of a so-called 'black market' for vaping products. This term refers to vaping products that are usually unregulated and can potentially contain substances which are harmful to health.

Black market vape products are typically sold at significantly lower prices than those in regulated markets, making them particularly attractive to budget-conscious consumers. However, these products often skimp on safety measures and quality control, posing significant health risks to users.

These products often contain elevated levels of harmful substances, and their manufacture and sale are usually outside the bounds of regulation. This means that not only are the product's contents potentially dangerous, but there can also be significant variations in strength and formulation between batches, even from the same supplier.

While regulations and safety standards in the legal, regulated vaping industry continue to improve, the black market remains a dangerous unknown. The best way to keep yourself safe is to ensure you're buying vaping products from a reputable, licensed supplier, and to avoid the black market entirely.