A New Look with Continued Quality: Dank Vape Tech's New Branding

We are transitioning to a new BRAND ya'll~

The DANK team hope you are all safe in these challenging times, and we SUPER appreciate the support these days. We are so pleasantly surprise at the continuous orders and interest we are getting, so Dank You so much!

After much discussion, we are transitioning to a new brand DANK VAPE TECH with a new site design to boot. We wanted to better reflect our internal culture as well as move towards a brand that better fits our awesome customers.

DANK VAPE TECH, the new logo, and the site redesign; we feel is the step towards this goal as we wanted to have a more light and fun-feel to our business. 

Our products will still have the previous brands (as product photos show currently), so if you liked the brands- this is the time to get them while they are still around. 

We will be transitioning into the DANK VAPE TECH branding on our products going forward as we replenish our inventory. 

Again, we want to thank you SO MUCH for your support over the years, and especially during these trying times.

Stay clean and safe~! 

Vaping enthusiasts around the world know the name Dank Vape Tech. As a trusted manufacturer of vaping equipment, we bring the best products to the market. We’ve recently gone through a rebranding but our quality commitment remains steadfast.

With our new branding, we aim to continue our tradition of producing top-quality vapes without compromising on style and ease of use. This modern, fresh look represents both our growth and our continued dedication to satisfying our customers' vaping needs.

Our company may look different in terms of branding now, but rest assured, the unrivalled quality of our products stays the same. Those who know Dank Vape Tech know that we are all about quality and reliability. Our revamped image reflects this.

The updated design, sporting our new logo and colors, still encapsulates what our customers loved about our old look – contemporary, sleek, and user-friendly. More than just a name change, this new branding serves as a promise to our loyal customer base that we’re dedicated to continued improvement and innovation, always delivering high-quality vaping experience.

So, what’s in store for you with this refreshed branding? Expect nothing but the best, highest-quality vape products that Dank Vape Tech is known for. Whether you're a new or returning customer, you'll find that the new branding of Dank Vape Tech continues to offer the unsurpassed competence in the vaping world.

Explore our newly-branded products and experience the same exceptional quality you're familiar with. Welcome to the new and improved Dank Vape Tech – high-quality vapes, modern look, same commitment to your vaping satisfaction.