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Danny Danko Brings A Fresh Voice As The Editor Of NORTHEAST LEAF

Danny Danko Brings A Fresh Voice As The Editor Of NORTHEAST LEAF

Danny Danko Takes on New Challenges as NORTHEAST LEAF’s Editor

It has certainly been a year of changes for a lot of folks and industries in 2020~

We recently went thru a brand shift ourselves recently towards Dank Vape Tech (formerly Dank Fung Extracts) to bring a fresh brand philosophy and feel to better matches our fans~ 

These times bring more shifts within our awesome industry as the Dank Vape Tech team recently found out. 

Dan Vinkovetsky (AKA Danny Danko), the former Senior Cultivation Editor of industry giant; HIGHTIMES Magazine, has recently decided to venture off to bring an authentic voice to Leaf Nation joined by three other colleagues from the industry media giant!

We first met Danny when he graciously reviewed our 2X Vape Cartridge Battery; THE DOOBLE (Check out the review vid below if you missed it~), and since then, we had no doubt he is one of the leading voices of the industry today!

More specifically; in September 2020 - Danny and crew will be launching and distributing NORTHEAST LEAF, a free monthly print magazine focused on the growing Cannabis communities representing New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Did we say it's FREE?

The Dank Vape Tech team congratulates Danny, Michael G., Pete, and Michael C. on their new endeavor, and certainly can't wait to see the awesome news / content they will bring to NORTHEAST LEAF! Look out / ask your local magazine spot for it this September~